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*Being up front, I was asked to leave a review after my 30 day cleanse. If you stick to the information given in the pack you will lose weight. However, it isn't a 1 day miracle cure. You will start to notice its success during the 30 days and it can be tough to resist the mid-week takeaways. But I wanted to lose weight and this helped. I will be doing the 30 days weight loss pack again after Christmas to get rid of some of that Christmas tummy!
Amy - 21/03/2019
These little capsules are a godsend, they really do help keep the bloating and belly fat % down.
Lisa UK - 28/12/2018
Really happy with the results I am getting from the shakes, if I had to recommend any it would be the vanilla. I know they quickly ran out of them for the UK launch but are not back in stock.
Jenny - 28/10/2017
Me and my partner did the 30 day system together which was great to push each other. It was great to have everything come that was needed for the month and simple to follow. Lots of support available as well.
Emma - 28/10/2017
I feel the best I have in a long time! I recommend this 30 day system to anyone looking to lose weight.
Rachel - 28/10/2017
Not going to lie, it was tough the first few couple of day! But I was motivated enough to complete my 30 days and have lost a noticeable amount of weight which has encouraged some of my friends to try the system. The shakes were my favourite part, I went for the vanilla flavour. Since completing my 30 days, I now continue with the shakes, nourish for life and some of the snacks.
Vicky - 28/10/2017

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